Why are you here?

You’re an athlete, part time fitness enthusiast or weekend warrior. One thing you have in common is you’re passionate. Some might say you’re even a little obsessed.

But that’s okay, because, what those people don’t understand is that you take your personal mental and physical journey very seriously. You refuse to settle for average. You will do anything to keep improving! You will go the extra mile, you will put in the extra hours, you will make the required sacrifices to reach your goals. Because deep down, you know you have a champion spirit, just waiting to be unleashed. A spirit destined to achieve BeastMode!

You have been searching for the perfect partner to help you achieve your goals. A partner who is as obsessed as you are, who understands your daily struggle and who wants you to reach your goals as badly as you want to. So this is it. You have found the BeastMode Project. A vital piece in your puzzle, the partner you have been searching for to take you to the next level. We are committed to you and your pursuits! Let’s do this!

What we offer

We understand that programming at your gym is generally catered for the individual who is looking to develop a general fitness. We understand that in order for YOU to go to the next level, you require more personalised specific programming to strengthen your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.

We have assembled a team of world-class coaches in their specific fields of expertise to provide programming for workouts including power and weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning and injury prevention. We will use these programs to create a total program for you. We will do all the thinking for you. All you have to do is get the work done and be assured that your program will make you a better, more all-rounded beast!

We will put you through a stringent assessment protocol and mobility/flexibility screening to fully understand what type of athlete you are, where your strengths and weaknesses are and whether you have any deficiencies in your musculature which could potentially lead to injuries.

Although we won’t be able to be in the gym with you while you train, we have designed this program to be fully comprehensive in the sport of functional fitness and to create a personalised experience to monitor your progress, provide guidance and advice and make adjustments to your program as and when required.

What We Believe In

Training Methodology

We believe in and focus on the benefits of linear type progressions for both strength development and metabolic conditioning. We will make sure to keep your metabolic conditioning varied and odd object exposed in order to build your skills. Your coaches at BeastMode will also ensure you get the accessory (aka unsexy) work in to make sure you are completely well rounded, next level and injury free. We focus on the complete package, all you have to do is start the journey.

Personalised Nutrition

Correct nutrition is 80% of the success story. We don’t just give you a cookie-cutter plan. We get to know you to understand exactly who you are and how you work so that we can give you what you need to optimise performance.  From there we show you how and what to eat. With the support of coaches, we will check in with you, answers your questions and do everything we can to help you succeed. We will make sure you still get to eat your favourite foods and enjoy life.

Why We're Different

Expert knowledge

It is easy to make the mistake of choosing programs (free or otherwise) from different coaches which don’t necessarily compliment each other and results in an ineffective training regime and leads to overtraining.

Personalised Service

Your allocated a coach will be available via email for weekly check-ins and progress assessments. You can log your results and be part of a larger community to compare your stats and encourage your competitiveness.

Qualified Coaches

You will have access to seven highly experienced experts in their field, working together to provide you with a fully comprehensive and complimentary program that aggressively encourages gains without overtraining.

Training Videos

We will offer a catalogue of detailed training videos pertinent to the plan provided. This way  you can see exactly what is expected of you in terms of your training.

Dedicated to you

With intimate knowledge of your strengths, weaknesses and injuries, we design a personalised program to best suit you. You will receive muscle deficiency and injury prevention workouts to ensure you remain injury free.

Special Offers

You will receive discounted pricing on training camps in various destinations around South Africa, and the world, where you can meet expert coaches and receive professional training.

Focussed Training

Signing up with BeastMode will allow you to devote all your attention and time to training and recovery, while we focus on all the detail and planning for you. We aim to make getting to your training as easy as possible.

Latest Technology

Our team is up to date on the latest training methods, nutritional information and assessment technology to ensure that you have the edge on your competition.

“During the past 12 weeks, I have had the privilege of receiving programming from the BeastMode Project. During this time, I have been more exhausted, stiff and sore than I have ever been. I have also seen more gains, faster recovery, improved scores and personal bests in a shorter space of time than ever before. I am on track to reaching all of my goals that I set for 2017. I have seen improvement in olympic lifts, power lifts and gymnastics.  Although the programming is brutal, it is done in such a way that my ability to recover develops just as fast as the programming increases intensity. The coaches are phenomenal and the platforms available for more coaching are brilliant. The coaches always provide feedback on videos submitted and are always speaking words of encouragement. Excellent program worth being part of. I am definitely a stronger, fitter, better rounded athlete than I would have been if I did not follow the programming.”


“The BeastMode Project is a step up from the normal programming at the box. I can confidently say that after being on BeastMode for a few months I am the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been, and with the programming I’m constantly improving.  The workouts are never boring, it’s always a challenge and if you put your fair share of effort in, you’ll always walk out the box satisfied with yourself. The program is designed by experts in various fields of fitness who are clearly passionate about their work. Whether your goal is to compete at an elite level or just be the fittest version of yourself, the BeastMode Project is 100% the way to go!”


“It is a tough program loaded with benefits and helps you grow as a Crossfit athlete. It helped me take that step into the elite category. I have gained strength and still work on conquering my weaknesses everyday. The programming focuses on my weaknesses and growing my strengths. The focus on technique has made me more aware of what my body is doing during the different lifts and gymnastic movements. The constant drive, motivation and feedback from coaches with different expertise is what makes this program successful. I am more motivated, fitter and dedicated! Thank you!”