Performance Program

R450.00 / month


  • 5 highly experienced experts in their field, working together to provide you with a fully comprehensive and complimentary program that aggressively encourages gains without overtraining.
  • 6 workouts (including warm-ups) per week (5 working sessions and 1 active recovery/skills session) – value R900.
  • Weekly deficiency and injury prevention workouts (number of workouts depends on each individual) which fits neatly into the rest of the program – value R300.
  • Tutorial videos for each component of the program – value R200.
  • Access to an online platform to log results, monitor your fitness and compare results against other BeastMode Project community members – value R130.
  • Discounted priority access to annual training camps –value R2,000.
  • Group discounts for complimentary services, nutrition and apparel – value R1,000.

Workouts include:
• 5 lifting sessions.
• 5 metabolic conditioning workouts.
• 2 to 3 mono-structural conditioning workouts (running, rowing, swimming).
• A comprehensive gymnastics progression program from beginner to elite.

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